Other services


Development officers

A major asset is part of the RCM's strategy to ensure the dynamism of its territory. Development officers are located in almost all municipalities to ensure a continuous presence and regular contact with the population and the various local committees. By stimulating and accompanying local actors in their projects, the development agent stays on top of the needs and issues of the area. You will find the name of your municipality's development officer on the Abitibi RCM website in the "Municipalités" tab. Don't hesitate to contact them if you have any questions about your new municipality or to get involved.


green rcm

The Abitibi MRC is committed to taking care of our precious environment. A website has been set up to help you sort your residual materials, as well as the items you wish to dispose of. Several alternatives are available to you: recycling, composting, etc. As part of the fight against climate change, this site is constantly evolving to keep the population up to date on environmentally responsible trends.


Community organizations

Don't know about community organizations? Yet this alternative system is full of good initiatives for the population.

These organizations are staffed by people who are dedicated to their members and their cause, and who use their actions as levers to make their concerns known. The common goal of these organizations is to weave a social net to prevent anyone from being forgotten.

To find your way around, consult the directory of organizations and businesses in the Abitibi RCM on the MRAR website under the "Nos ressources" tab.



Max + collective transport is a great initiative of the RCM that facilitates travel throughout the RCM.

Membership entitles members to a 50% discount on cab and bus travel and even allows them to use school bus transportation for free.

How does it work?

Download the membership form that is available on the MRC website. You can also fill it out directly at the RCM office.

  1. Go to the RCM office to drop off your form and pay your membership. You will need an ID card to indicate that you are a resident of the RCM.

  2. Ask the person in charge at the RCM office for details on each transportation option.

  3. With your membership card, purchase the booklet containing the coupons redeemable for transportation at one of the sales points.

  4. You are ready to use public transportation!

For your cab trips, contact the cab companies in the territory.

For more information on bus and school bus travel, contact the program manager:

Abitibi RCM

582 10e Avenue Ouest
Amos QC
J9T 1X3
Tel.: 819-732-5356 ext. 201

for Immigrants

Did you travel a long way to settle in Abitibi-Témiscamingue? Do you need a hand with for certain procedures related to your arrival in the country?The MRAR is a must for you. However, here are some contact details of nearby establishments that may be useful to you:



Example of services:
Recognition of skills acquired through life and work experience based on a program of professional studies.

850, 1ère Rue Est
Amos QC
J9T 2H8
Tel.: 819 732-3223
(under the tab “Formation professionelle")

service canada

Examples of services:
Foreign credentials guidance

International benefits for seniors

Please note that they only offer services in-person.

502 4e Rue Est
Amos QC
J9T 1Y4



Examples of services:

Employment Integration Program for Immigrants and Visible Minorities (PRIIME)

262 1ère Avenue Est Amos QC J9T 1H3
Tel.: 819-444-5287

Centre de formation générale LE MACADAM

Example of services:

Possibility of evening classes

341 Principale Nord St, 2nd floor

Amos QC
J9T 2L8
Tel.: 819-732-2021, ext. 2234

ministère de l'IMMIGRATION

Francization and Integration