The Arrival



Did you know that there are several types of housing available on the territory?

  • Private housing
  • Low-rent housing 
  • Community housing
  • Housing cooperatives

You will find an explanatory document that demystifies their differences and provides information on the various housing support programs on the Corporation de développement communautaire d'Amos website under the "Publications" tab. You will also find the eligibility criteria as well as the contact information necessary for your research.

Several tools are available to guide you in your search for housing. You will find a regularly updated list of accommodations and private homes for rent at the MRAR and at the Maison du tourisme.

Maison du tourisme
892 Rd 111 East
Amos QC
J9T 2K4
Tel.: 819-727-1242

There are several Facebook pages that post homes for rent. Feel free to search with the keywords "housing" and "Amos" to find them.

You can also find a "housing for rent" section by clicking the following link:

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Many landlords do not promote their rental units. They advertise that their unit is available only through an ad in their building window. You could find your future home simply by taking a walk in the area!

Finding Childcare

Whether you are looking for an early childhood center (ECC) or an in-home daycare, there are tools available to help you find the right place for your child. Having a recognized expertise in the field, the MRAR will take the time to answer your questions.

Visit the website "la place 0-5" which is the only access point for childcare services in Quebec. You will be able to view your options and register your child on the facility's childcare waiting list.

1-844-270-5055 /

The "mon milieu familial" website allows you to find a daycare center near you and to obtain information on available spaces.

Let's sort it out:

ECC in a facility?

The Early Childhood Centre is a government funded facility. It is a place where all educators are trained as early childhood educators. Each educator is responsible for a group of children of the same age. The center offers educational and routine programs in preparation for the school environment.

ECC in a home?

These are childcare centres affiliated with the ECC Coordinating Office. The educator must take the minimum training provided by the ECC and have received training in cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR). The in-home ECC is supervised and subject to the regulations for ECC centres. It is also subsidized by the government and offers an educational program in a family-type environment.

Private daycare?

It is an in-home daycare managed by an independent person. It is neither supervised by a ECC nor subsidized. However, parents can apply to the government for partial reimbursement of fees.

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Join the facebook group “Garderie Amos et les environs”. Many daycares advertise their available spaces. Parents can also advertise their needs.

Financial Support

Times are tougher and you need a helping hand to get there financially? Here are organizations that can help you:


L’Accueil d’Amos
401, 1ère Rue Ouest
Amos (Québec)
J9T 2M3
Tel.: 819 727-1984

L’Accueil d’Amos distributes food in different points of service in the RCM. Ask the workers to assess your needs.

Thrift stores

The RCM has several thrift stores where you can get clothes, furniture, dishes, toys and more at a lower cost.

Tax credits and deductions

In Quebec, citizens are required to file an annual tax return for both the provincial (Quebec) and federal (Canada) levels of government.

Did you know that there are credits and deductions offered by governments when you live in a resource region like ours?

Tax credit for recent graduates working in remote resource regions

Have you graduated within the last 2 years? Are your duties in your new job related to the area of specialization in which you received the training that led to your recognized degree? You may be eligible for a significant tax credit on your next return. Verify with Revenu Québec if you are eligible.

Moving deduction

Have you moved to take a job or operate a business, or have you moved to attend a university, college, or other educational institution as a full-time student in a post-secondary program?

Have you moved at least 40 kilometers closer to your new place of work or study?

You are probably eligible to claim an income deduction on your next provincial or federal income tax return.

Home buyers' tax credit

This is a credit that you could claim both provincially and federally. To qualify for this credit, several conditions apply. You can check if your new home qualifies with the governments by referring to their website, by calling them or by contacting a tax specialist such as an accountant.

Tax credit for experienced workers

In Quebec, since 2018, employees aged 61 or older can benefit from this non-refundable credit while depending on their income level.

Medical expense claim

On your income tax returns, you can claim a percentage of your medical expenses, including drugs, dentists, optometrists, etc. Many people are also unaware that we can claim as medical expenses, both federally and provincially, the cost of travel to obtain care more than 40 km from our home.

Revenu Québec
Tel.: 1 800 267-6299
Canada Revenue Agency (CRA)
Tel.: 819 797-4295

friendly advice

In Canada, each citizen is required to complete and file their tax returns by April 30 for the previous tax year (example: April 30, 2019, for the 2018 tax return). However, to help you claim your entitlements at tax time, you can ask a specialist, such as an accountant, to file your tax returns.

Several software programs and websites are available to help you file your own tax returns.