Social Integration


Leisure, Outdoors and Cultural Activities

In winter and summer alike, the Abitibi RCM offers a multitude of activity options. Whether you have set down roots in an urban or rural area, a diversity of options makes the territory dynamic - from tranquility to meeting places.

The proximity of nature opens the door to an array of adventures to outdoor lovers with its hiking, snowshoeing and cross-country skiing trails, rock climbing routes and miles of snowmobile trails. The vast spaces of untouched nature and the numerous lakes are a joy for all hunters and fishermen, even in winter!

Heritage and culture are promoted by many buildings whose mission is to make this wealth accessible. Many municipalities are equipped with Réseau Biblio, which offers the convenience of a library for reading enthusiasts.

With an inspiring community life, citizen committees and development agents of the different municipalities regularly organize activities throughout the territory.

You will have access to all the information about the activities of the RCM at

friendly advice

  • Many municipalities run a local newspaper. The activities of your locality will be announced there.
  • A welcome kit with literature on a variety of activities and tourist attractions awaits you at the MRAR.
Champignons en fête


The sports movement is one of the prides of the RCM. Sport-study is highly  encouraged.

Beginning in elementary school, children have the opportunity to be initiated for free during extracurricular activities. They then have the chance to pursue their passion in nearly ten disciplines in the sport-study program. For more information on the programs, search for "Mouvement Kodiak" on the Centre de services scolaire Harricana website under the "secondaire” tab

Many municipalities provide citizens with modern infrastructures that allow citizens of all ages to practice the sport of their choice near their area of residence. In the last decade, some municipalities, such as Barraute, St-Félix-de-Dalquier and Amos, have renovated their sports complex to offer better services to their citizens. To find a place near you to practice your sport, visit your municipality's website.

A network of bicycle lanes has also been developed in several municipalities. Citizens can travel by bike on a paved path and visit our beautiful MRC.

For more information, or to obtain a map of the bike paths in the Abitibi RCM, visit the Town of Amos website under the "LOISIRS ET CULTURE"

friendLY advice

Two events per year are organized to facilitate citizen registration for sports and arts activities. You can get information on INSCRIPT-Ô-LOISIRS 
by calling the Complexe sportif d’Amos at 819-732-2781.

Amos Bike Path 


It is well known that one of the keys to quick integration in a new environment is to get involved. Great news! There is no shortage of opportunities.

The RCM has adopted a cultural policy that promotes the recognition and enhancement of citizen involvement. Each year, many committees and organizations are looking for volunteers to help organize and carry out activities. This is an opportunity to develop your sense of belonging to your new community.

Some organizations offer the opportunity to do collective kitchens. Preparing and sharing a meal as a group is a great opportunity to interact with your new neighbors. Why not share a recipe from your region of origin? Participants will be excited to discover new ideas.

Do you want to be involved in the decision making of certain organizations? Many of them are looking for members to sit on their board of directors. Ask the Corporation de développement communautaire by calling 819-732-6776 or by visiting their website

To find opportunities for involvement and to express your interest in getting involved in your community, visit the MRAR website under the "emploi et implication" tab.

friendLY advice

  • Even if an organization does not post an offer of involvement, do not hesitate to offer your services to organizations that interest you. Perhaps they have unstated or upcoming needs.
  • Why not combine usefulness with fun: many cultural events thank their volunteers by offering them free access to the shows.
  • Don't hesitate to reach out to people to let them know who you are and where you come from. People are often afraid of disturbing, but many would appreciate getting to know you.